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Creating a welcoming atmosphere within your condominium community relies on effective and high-quality signage. Whether you’re aiming to enhance aesthetics, improve wayfinding, or prioritize safety, well-designed signs can make a significant impact. 

Let’s explore the various types of condo signage that SGA Signs provides to elevate your living spaces.

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1. Wayfinding Signs: Navigating with Ease

Wayfinding signs serve as friendly guides within your condo building. They efficiently convey essential information in strategic areas, such as high-traffic hallways or common areas, assisting both residents and visitors in finding their way. Here is how they work:

  • Information Signs: These provide orientation within the building. Think of standing signs, plaques, and descriptions. For instance, a sign near the elevator lobby indicating floor numbers or amenities.
  • Directional Signs: Strategically placed maps guide people to essential areas—whether it’s the fitness center, pool, or parking garage. Clear directional signs ensure everyone reaches their destination hassle-free.

2. Building Identification Signs: Making an Entrance

Your condo’s entrance deserves to make a memorable first impression. Building identification signs play a crucial role as the face of your property. Here are two examples:

  • Monument Signs: These substantial, freestanding signs greet residents and guests at the entrance. Crafted from durable materials like wood, aluminum, or high-density urethane (HDU), they showcase your condo’s brand name and logo.
  • Unit Number Signs: Elevate curb appeal by elegantly displaying unit numbers. Whether carved wood, metal-coated HDU, or engraved plaques, these signs add a touch of sophistication.

3. Aluminum A-Frames: Versatile and Portable

A-Frames serve as versatile sidewalk signs that can be strategically placed near entrances, lobbies, or common areas. Here is why they’re so popular:

  • Double-Sided Exposure: Aluminum A-frames enable you to display messages on both sides. Whether you’re promoting an event, announcing a meeting, or sharing community news, these signs effectively capture attention.
  • Changeable Graphics: If flexibility in changing your sign is essential, consider opting for A-Frames with dry-erase laminate. Print your graphics or logos, and then use dry-erase markers to update messages regularly.

4. Safety and Regulation Signs: Prioritizing Well-Being

Safety is a top priority in any community, and well-designed signage plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of residents and visitors. When it comes to condominiums, clear and effective signs are essential. Here are some key safety signs that every condo should consider:

  • Fire Safety Signs: For fire exit doors, stairwells, fire equipment locations, and emergency assembly points. In the event of an emergency, residents and visitors know where safe evacuation routes are, easily identify fire fighting equipment, and where safe gathering areas are located.
  • No Smoking Signs: For designated smoke-free zones, such as lobbies, hallways, and recreational spaces.

Guidelines for Designing and Ordering Custom Condo Signs

Well-designed condo signs enhance safety, communication, and community aesthetics. Here are our recommended guidelines for designing and placing orders for custom signs for your condominium:

  • Legal Compliance

    Ensure that the design and content of the signs comply with all relevant legal requirements. This includes any local regulations or guidelines related to signage in your area.

  • Clear Messaging and Purpose

    Keep the text concise and relevant. Residents and guests should be able to understand the sign’s purpose at a glance.

  • Consistent Branding

    Maintain a consistent visual identity across all signs. Use the same font, colors, and logo to reinforce your condo community’s brand

  • Material Selection

    Choose durable materials that withstand outdoor elements. Aluminum, HDU (High-Density Urethane), and Color-Core HDPE are popular options.

  • Legibility

    Opt for sans-serif fonts for better readability. Ensure that the font size is appropriate for the viewing distance.

  • Placement and Visibility

    Strategically position signs where they’re easily visible to residents and visitors. Consider factors like lighting and landscaping.

  • Accessibility

    Ensure that the signs are accessible to all residents, including those with disabilities. Use appropriate symbols, tactile elements, and Braille if necessary to enhance accessibility.

Why Trust SGA Signs For Custom Condo Signs?

When it comes to creating custom condo signs, our expertise ensures that your signage will be both functional and visually appealing. Here’s why other condominiums choose us:


With years of experience in signage design, we understand the unique requirements of condo communities. We’ve worked on various projects, from small complexes to large residential developments.


We pay meticulous attention to every aspect of sign design, from material selection to typography. Your custom signs will reflect professionalism and enhance the overall aesthetic of your property.


We believe in collaboration. Our staff work closely with you to understand your vision, branding, and community needs. Together, we’ll create signs that fit your needs, and resonate with your residents and visitors alike.

Best Custom Condo Signs Maker

Condo signage serves a dual purpose: it’s functional and an opportunity to enhance aesthetics, improve navigation, and foster community spirit. Whether it’s an elegant entrance sign, an informative wayfinding map, or safety instructions, thoughtful signage contributes to a harmonious living experience.

SGA Signs specializes in creating custom signs tailored to your condo’s unique needs. Let us help you elevate your space with high-quality, eye-catching signage. Reach out to us for a personalized consultation, and discover how the right signage can enhance your condo living experience.


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